GFRIEND - 回:Song of the Sirens (Random Ver.)


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GFRIEND - 回:Song of the Sirens (Random Ver.)

  • Ver : B VER. / T VER. / A VER.
  • Out box Pop-up : Random 1p out of 21p
  • Photobook : 60p
  • MINI BOOK : 1p
  • Folding paper : 16p / Random 1p out of 18p
  • Photocard : Random 2p out of 72p
  • Lenticular photocard : Random 1p out of 6p
  • Polaroid : 1p (randomly included only in some quantities of first press albums / not included in all first press)
  • Pre-order benefit 
    - Photocard Set : Random 1p out of 3p
    - Poster : Random 1p out of 3p (For the First press only) 

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